Antiferromagnetic materials are promising materials for the future of spintronics owing to their robustness to parasitic fields and their fast switching dynamics.

Bismuth ferrite

Bismuth ferrite is the material which we mainly investigate in the project because it exhibits a strong coupling between the magnetic order and the electric polarization at room temperature. This allows the control of magnetism with electric field, a crucial point in the development of devices with a low power comsumption.

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Synthetic antiferromagnets

Synthetic antiferromagnets are stacks containing ferromagnetic layers with opposite magnetization. They are highly tunable through the choice of the layers' thicknesses and composition, which allows the optimization of their properties for specific applications.

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NV center magnetometry

NV center magnetometry uses the quantum properties of a single atomic defect in the crystalline structure of diamond to measure small magnetic fields, which makes it the perfect tool to study antiferromagnets at the nanoscale.

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Our work in the project DIMAF led to several publications.